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Young Radiologists at the ECR

We had a great time at the ECR 2018 in Vienna and we hope you enjoyed it too! Our entire team of 'Young Radiologists' was present at the congress and we were able to meet many residents from all over the world and had great discussions about improving communication and networking on a European and international level.

Our first event on Thursday was a ‘Get Together’ evening with our ECR-scholars at the Motto-Bar in Vienna (we awarded 20 scholarships for the ECR 2018). The following day we had a special ‘Coffee and Talk’ - Session at the congress (you can watch the session here) with special guest Prof. Hamm - this year's president of the ECR. The resonance was amazing and we were very happy to see that so many people were interested in our vision and intended projects. During the session we introduced our organization, specified the initial idea and recapitulated how it lead to founding of the 'Young Radiologists'. Afterwards Moritz Selbach pointed out existing European structures for residents in the fields of science, education and exchange and proposed possibilities for improving and extending the existing networks. In the end Timo Auer explained our previous and planned projects (for example the students' summer school 2018 or scholarships for the German Congress of Neuroradiology and a workshop for Interventional Neuroradiology) and opened the discussion for feedback and opinions from the audience.

This lead to a lively debate with contributions of young residents from many different countries (even Australia). Prof. Hamm suggested establishing a short-term exchange program to improve scientific and clinical skills exchange among residents on a European and international level.

Other key points of the discussion were:

• A peer-to-peer network is feasible and desirable as it would make exchange, job search and multinational research easier. Especially residents from smaller countries could profit by gaining access to speciality training.

• A platform for information about existing possibilities for young radiologists is necessary as there are many programs und funds a lot of young residents are not properly informed about.

• Establishment of a network for cooperation with existing committees of the ESR is crucial.

• Creation of a LinkedIn-Group. You can join now here!

We already started implementing and advancing some of these key points. If you are interested in participating in further uniting Europe's young radiologists, write us an email at Also make sure you join the LinkedIn-Group to stay up to date!

Best regards,

the "Young Radiologists" team

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