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ECR 2019 - Our review

This year’s ECR slogan was “the bigger picture” and this proved to be some excellent foreshadowing as an attendance of of over 30,000 delegates was recorded for the first time. We, the Young Radiologists, also experienced a first time. We had the pleasure of organizing and hosting the first Radiology Escape Room in the ECR’s history. If you don’t know what an escape room is, get up to speed with one of our recent articles.

With our radiology themed escape room we seem to have had our finger on the pulse of the time. The interest in booking a time slot was so immense, that we were already fully booked for the whole congress on Wednesday noon. We even were interviewed by the ESR studio, if you would like to take a glimpse on what we said, check out their homepage . You will also find a lot of further interviews with interesting people there.

After the congress we asked all participants to evaluate our Escape Room and we are happy to say, that we received very positive feedback and we were even asked, if it would be possible to book a time slot for next year already. Gladly, we have plenty of new ideas for a future Radiology Escape Room!

As our Escape Room was directly located at the CUBE 2.0 (where the Interventional sessions where held) we were able to test our interventional skills at simulation models next door. If you didn’t get the chance to do so, we highly recommend it for your visit next year.

Another highlight of this year’s ECR for young residents was, of course, the Rising Star Initiative with lectures especially tailored to the demand of young residents and students. Last but not least, the new topic “Women in Focus”, which is dedicated to women working in healthcare, was definitely worth a visit. There were a lot of interactive sessions and panel discussions, offering career advice and more from leading women in the field of radiology. Missed this year’s ECR? Don’t worry you can sign up online and watch all the lectures you are interested in completely free of charge! So, we hope to see you all at the ECR 2020 in beautiful Vienna!

Our team in the Escape Room with the patient to be saved.

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