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Get your ticket for the Rising Stars Party - book the Escape Room!

Only two days left until the ECR 2019 begins! We are even more excited this year as we are entering uncharted territories by hosting the Rising Stars Party and offering the Radiology Escape Room. Before we start, two additional advices for you:

  • Make sure you still get one of the tickets for our Rising Stars Party at the All iN Club on thursday 28th and meet all the the other "Rising Stars" by logging in to your myesr-Account > "Myregistration" > "order additional tickets". We are going to take care of the turntables. See you there!

  • Also, test your ability to solve radiological puzzles and challenges in our Escape Room (open February 27th to March 2nd, Level 3, DC Tower, ECR City). To book in advance, email us your preferred time to escape. Bookings can be made for 1-4 people, and each escape will take approximately 20 minutes.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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