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This was our 2nd Summer School “Hands-on Radiology”

At the last weekend in July thirty medical students from german speaking countries participated at the 2nd “Hands-on Radiology“ Summer School at the Charité in Berlin. Despite the sunny weather they were happy to spend their time indoors with us to enjoy learning about a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from diagnostic radiology to interventional radiology.

Thanks to our cooperation with the Radiology Department of the Charité and thanks to winning Professor Hamm as the patron for our event, we were able to present fantastic speakers, such as Professor Rolf Günther, a german pioneer in the field of angiography and interventional radiology.

Prof. Günther
Prof. Hamm

But we didn‘t just talk about radiology—we also wanted our participants to gain “hands-on“ experience. That‘s why we organized several workshops about structured CT Reporting and thanks to the support from medical technology companies (Cook, Merit and B. Braun Melsungen) we were also able to provide hands-on simulator based training with angiography trainers and get a glimpse of what interventional radiology has to offer.


We’d like to express our thanks for the support of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), who are helping us to reach our aim of connecting radiology trainees and students with an interest in radiology. We, the Young Radiologists, want to provide a platform for young radiologists in Europe to exchange experiences and improve exchange, education, job search and multinational research.

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Prof. Dr. Kay-Geert Hermann, Dr. Madhuri Rudolph, Dr. Christoph Maier, Dr. Felix Döllinger, PD Dr. Alexander Baur, Dr. Mona Müller, Dr. Timo Auer, Adrian Marth, Moritz Selbach, Prof. Dr. Rolf Günther, Dr. Giovanni Torsello, Laura Segger, Dr. Markus Lerchbaumer, Dr. Joost Wüstefeld, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hamm, Prof. Dr. Marcus Makowski, PD Dr. Tobias Penzkofer

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